Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Statesboro Blues

It's been quite a while since the last blog update. In the meantime, we caught a computer virus that put us out of commission for several months, but we're up and at it again now. Finally got all the music loaded onto the computer and ditched the CDs. Dabbled in learning Facebook as a way to stay in touch, but we really are lousy at Facebook (as in we don't know how to use it). On a more personal note, the house is back on the market and we're hopeful it will sell. Kathy's mom is in the nursing home and not doing well.

We spent the winter in Statesboro, GA, but are getting ready to hit the road again and on to the next adventure. The RV park here was convenient to family and we made friends here from all over the country that will be dearly missed when we leave. Jerri was able to run in several local 5Ks while here and came in first in her age division in two races; Kathy has begun walking in 1 mile 'Fun Walks' (begrudgingly, and says the 'fun' part is a lie).

It's been said before, that you meet a lot of unique folks while RVing, and it's quite true. A couple of weeks ago a bus pulled in two sites down from us with some odd travelers. We decided they were either a rock band or space aliens... turns out they were - "The Flood The Band" from Seattle, WA on their way from Jacksonville, FL to Augusta, GA for a concert. We checked out their MySpace page - not our style of music - but musicians all the same. We've met folks from all over the country and some unusual pets - including a pot-bellied pig and cats that walk on leash. Several college kids live in the RV park and it may be more economical than dorms or apartments.

After a strange winter here in south Georgia, with more days below freezing than we remembered, spring finally arrived. Now, every day brings more humidity and higher temperatures. Summer looks to be a scorcher and we'd rather not be here for that.

Jerri discovered inventive ways to practice and find renewed joy in social work, while Kathy found new interpersonal skills in waitressing. We have found our niche as full-time RVers and now call ourselves 'Workampers.' While we don't like labels, it identifies what we do quite well. We travel around, sometimes work in a variety of jobs wherever we are, and live in the RV. The Statesboro sojourn has been the longest stay in one place to date and allowed us to find both friendship and work near family.

We've also learned valuable life lessons, like 'don't judge a book by its cover,' people are not always how they appear - like the scarey looking punk rockers who are very nice and polite despite appearances; 'my job is not me,' any job done well is satisfying and honorable and does not define or limit who I am; 'RVs are not trailers,' despite a friend who insists on calling our coach a 'trailer.' We've tried to educate her that some coaches cost more than a stick and brick house.

We are sad to leave friends and family but look forward to beginning a new adventure. We'll be leaving Statesboro May 5th for a night in Florence, SC then on to Rocky Mount, NC then off to the Outer Banks where we've accepted summer jobs at an RV resort. If you'd like our new mailing address in OBX, email us directly and we'll give it to you.

You know life is good when you get paid to spend the summer at the beach... Happy and safe travels to all. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

"A snail is never homeless." - Sark