Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Westward, Ho!

Labor Day was our final work day of the season at Camp Hatteras. We left the Outer Banks the following Wednesday headed for the North Georgia mountains leaving behind wonderful memories and some truly great friends. The mountains were quite a change from our summer beach home, but as beautiful as ever. Out of the two weeks we were in the area, it rained for about a week and a half of that time. The area received over 10 inches of rain and we actually had to evacuate the campground for one night due to flooding. We were fortunate to not receive as much rain as the Atlanta area did.

We met with our realtor and decided to leave the house on the market for now since there are glimmers of hope and slight suggestions that the market is picking up. If you know of anyone wanting to buy a lovely mountain home, please get in touch with us. We have well and truly loved our home but are happier and more satisfied with our vagabond lifestyle than anyone ever thought possible.

With no WiFi and very spotty aircard, we were mostly incommunicado until we arrived in south Georgia for a week to visit with family and friends. This week has flown by as we've made the rounds with family and friends. If you missed the pictures for this blog, it's because the camera batteries died and we just haven't uploaded photos yet.

After finishing chores this afternoon, we'll begin packing down so we can head out in the morning. The plan is to travel in a southwesterly direction toward Tallahassee, FL to pick up
I-10 to Tucson and hang a left on 19 toward Amado, Arizona, our destination.

Yes, it is a long drive, but adventure is calling! This is a wild and beautiful country we live in and we aim to soak it up.

Westward, ho and safe travels to all.