Thursday, July 7, 2011

'S Up?

Last week's attempts to see shows was a bust - zip - nada.  Wanted to see Cirque Montage, but the Starlite Theater did not comp/reciprocate tickets and just weren't very friendly about it. So, trucked over to the mall to see 'Absolutely Patsy.' And, wouldn't you know it - she took the week off to get married. Sometimes things just don't work out...

So this week Kathy is fighting off a nasty summer cold, while Jerri is busy trying not to develop symptoms. Neither of us have much energy left to pursue entertainment. It's been a job just to get the laundry done.

On the upside, the tomato plant is thriving and doing quite well. We have been unable to catch the vermin eating on the lower leaves, but the tomatoes are growing every day. It appears to be a patio tomato plant, as the fruit is small and forming in clusters. Not too shabby for a rescued plant.

The hummingbirds still come to the feeders every day. The aloe plant has mutated into a gargantuan super aloe. If it gets any bigger it won't be able to travel with us. All the other plants are happy; the dogs are happy; and all is well (except us). Today is overcast with a slow, drizzly, much-needed rain. Just a good day to stay home and rest.

All in all, no complaints. Just wish we had more energy and felt better.

Stay healthy and safe-