Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pictures and Catching Up

Okay, finally transferred the pictures from the camera to help explain the last post. Notice the pic of Jerri and 'Bob the Teacher' who happens to be an avid hang glider and kite flier extraordinaire. Although we didn't kayak, jet ski or fly kites on our days off this week, we are now in search of a multi-line recreational kite to play around with. Bob inspired us with his huge collection of kites which he carefully removed one at a time and flew each one. One looked like a seagull, another was a trick kite, you get the picture. His joy was contagious. He and his wife, Sharon, fed the gulls and love all things that fly.

Kites and kiteboarders were plentiful last week. This picture was taken behind Kitty Hawk Kites in Rodanthe during the Triple S Invitational. A lot of the kiteboarders were packing it in after a day on the Pamlico Sound.

An update on the two remaining baby geese: their flight feathers are beginning to come in. Although they still appear awkward and prehistoric, they are growing into their huge feet. They come up to the coach most days eating bugs and grass (and looking for a handout).

The mama mallard and babies disappeared for a while and we were puzzled why they didn't appear to grow. The mystery was solved when we discovered there are two mama mallards and two sets of babies, one bigger than the other. There are 7 left of the original 11 babies in the first set and 6 babies in the second set. They too come right up to us looking for a handout. They also nibble on toes.... it tickles....

Back to work tomorrow. Planning lots of activities for the next two weeks. We'd love to hear from y'all, too.

Take care and watch your toes.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

When the Student is Ready the Teacher Appears...

No pictures to post right now, but a little news anyway. We picked our first tomato Friday. After gently placing it in the window to finish getting ripe, the plan was to take a picture (as proof) and post the picture on the blog. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the 'little tomato that could' became a prime ingredient in tonight's dinner - and yummy it was!

The biggest news - went kayaking Tuesday amongst all the kiteboarders on the sound and had a great time. Drank a lot of the sound (ugh!) The wind was kicking the waves up so can't say 'smooth sailing.' Wave jumping with the kayak was much better than the side-to-side rocking. Decided this should be a weekly treat - or maybe jet skis next time.

The sound was jamming with kiteboarders down for the Triple S Invitational. Jerri (who is fascinated by extreme sports) has decided she wants to learn to kiteboard. Steve, a longtime kiteboarder we met at the marina, gave her a lesson, some tips, and sent her off to buy a trainer kite. Wednesday we took the trainer kite down south to another less populated beach to try it out. Did we mention the wind always blows in the OBX?

As we were trying to figure out how to tie the leads onto the kite, another teacher appeared. Bob, from Boston, Mass., and an avid kite flyer, stepped in to lend a hand. Bob came to us in the form of an older, kindly gentleman and former head honcho of regional and national hang-gliders. Go figure. Bob's assistance was priceless...

Jerri is now recovering from 'road rash' or maybe a better description is 'beach rash' from being dragged down the beach by the trainer kite. Just on one leg, thank goodness, since she could have gone airborne! Don't let her lie to you - she got an adrenaline rush from it! She'll be back at it on our off days. Don't expect a lot of pictures since I'm usually trying to grab her by the feet to keep her on the ground.

Work has been busier this week with more children around as the school year ends for area schools. We've painted shells, played bucket ball, tossed water balloons, called Bingo and had loads of fun. The weather was a little dicey for a couple of days of rain and WIND.

The geese family is down from 4 to 2 babies and growing so fast. They're at the awkward stage now with really big feet and transitioning from chick fuzz to feathers with a funky little top knot.

About it for now.
Remember to smile more than grumble...