Saturday, August 6, 2011

Origami and the Art of Folding Sheets

Nope, we can't fold origami swans, frogs or flowers, but we can fold sheets.

Imagine Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid speaking in your ear, saying "Top - bottom, now side - side." There you have it, fold until it forms a neat rectangle. Now you, too, can fold sheets. This completes the instruction for the top sheet; the mantra for the fitted sheet goes, "left pointy finger - right pointy finger - now all corners onto one pointy finger." Square up neatly, then into a rectangle. Lay the rectangular fitted sheet on top of the rectangular top sheet (add pillowcases) and fold in each end to the middle. The end result resembles a very neat linen burrito.

We have learned to appreciate the 'zen' of laundry. While doing laundry isn't rocket science, it has its own charm and discipline.

As with anything, practice makes perfect. Towels must be folded in a consistent manner to make refreshing a motel or lodge room or even a cabin a model of efficiency.

Sheets, ah sheets - the lesson in Zen... With mountains of laundry from the motel, lodge and cabins, the art of folding sheets is sometimes a challenge but always a process... and definitely a lesson in philosophy. There is great satisfaction in watching a mountain of chaos transform into a neat stack of order through your efforts.

May you discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.


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ratdog said...

I am getting the most fabulous mind picture of you girls folding sheets and towels while going...