Thursday, September 8, 2011

Odds 'N Ends and Days Off!

We survived Labor Day weekend (just barely). Jerri and Homer led the Pet Parade on Saturday. Homer was quite happy to be in charge and looked the part. We humans, on the other hand, worked like dogs the entire weekend. On Sunday night we were the only staff on duty and were pretty ragged by the end of shift.
As always, Homer enjoys a good treat.

We were ecstatic that Labor Day was over and our days off soon followed. On our 'errand' day we visited the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery, stopped by the Branson KOA to visit friends who work there, and made the weekly Wal-Mart trek for food.

The fish hatchery was very informative. They breed and stock Brown and Rainbow Trout. The runs are all covered to protect the trout from predatory birds like heron, osprey and others. The view of the back side of Table Rock Dam is impressive, too. There are thousands of trout of various ages in the runs. The small trout in the photo are about 7 months old. The two large rainbows are mature breeders.

On our second day off we went to Legends in Concert at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater. It was a total blast! We had such fun watching Patsy Cline, Johnny Mathis, The Blues Brothers, Bette Midler and Elvis perform.

Jerri and 'Elvis'

Elwood, Kathy and Jake

Dean Z, who portrays Elvis, did a fantastic and quite believable job. It was so believable, that the elderly lady sitting next to Kathy turned to her and said, "He's so good, he kinda makes you horny, don't he?" For once, Kathy was speechless... except when she went on stage to have her photo snapped with The Blues Brothers.

Jerri received three kisses from Elvis and commented that 'his lips were very soft.' And for our good friend Ruth Healy, that's your Elvis jacket in the photo. Elvis liked the jacket a lot. We believe Dean Z did Elvis proud, and the lady who sat next to Kathy can attest to that.

May you have a cheesy, good time too!

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