Saturday, September 3, 2011


One hot summer's day a small group of adventurous spirits from Compton Ridge Campground decided to go ziplining. Initially there were six adventurous spirits, but after one dropped out (literally) at the first tower (it was Kathy), then there were five.

It was an awesome day to face one's fears (fear of heights, fear of falling, fear of peeing your pants...). When Kathy found out you can't zip with your eyes closed, it was a no-go for her (although she is very brave in other ways).

After gearing up and meeting your guides (all cute, college-age boys), the day's adventure begins with a death-defying ATV ride at full throttle over bumps, through bushes and over a highway into the woods. After you pry your hands off the back of the seats and settle your shaking knees, you are led to a clothesline-looking cable area to 'practice' ziplining where you are given instructions, words of encouragement and one try to get it right. Next, you hike through the woods to a very tall, tiny tower with the longest spiral staircase ever. After huffing and puffing your way to the top of the tower where you are carabinered to the railing in case you'd like to leave or possibly fall over the railing, you are again given instructions and told what a 'blast' and 'rush' you would feel (or just plain nausea as Kathy would attest). Kathy discovered this was the best place to chicken out as there were still stairs to descend. Chickening out later means a guide has to rappel you down from even greater heights.

Of all of our party left, Jerri was the only one who smiled as she zipped over the trees and through the canopy. In total there were 7 different ziplines, 3 rope bridges and a lot of fun. If you are looking for an adventure loving partner to zip with, Jerri is available.

Life is an adventure.  Live it!

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Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Just think...if Kathy did not bow out, who would have taken all the great photos. I am with Kathy...Jerry would want Jerri to join him on his next height bow out gracefully!

If you find yourselves in the west, check out where we are since we are planning to stay west for a long time more more rain all day, more humidity...just the dry heat! Would love to get together..stay safe!